A great portable instrument, the basic harmonica has remained unchanged since the inception of the free reed instrument in China 2000 years ago.  You can put this little gem in your pocket, take it out whenever the urge hits you and TA DA! – instant music.  

Keith developed Harmonica in a Day over a number of years of teaching people to play and create on the harmonica.  He will show you how easy it is to learn the basics, even for those with a rudimentary understanding of music.


At Keith’s workshop you enjoy and amaze yourself and you will make some great new friends held together with ‘harmonic energy’.


The Harmonica in a Day workshop offers a complete introduction to the instrument with topics that include:

• buying harmonicas – what’s the difference between brands?
• holding the harp correctly
• styles – ‘campfire’ vs ‘blues’ 
• the 12 bar blues explained – chording the blues
• obtaining single notes
• location of the blues scale on the harp
• bending notes
• how to improvise
• repair and maintenance 

All participants to bring a Hohner "Special 20" diatonic 10-hole harmonica or equivalent in the key of C (also available for purchase).

You will need: 10 hole Diatonic harmonica key of C. 



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