The Keith Bennett Band

The Keith Bennett Band brings together a well rehearsed group of Vancouver's finest musicians to create a highly-entertaining live music show. They present a wide range of great dance music as well as sophisticated dinner music with superb musicianship, well-crafted arrangements and soulful vocals and harmonies.

Want to hire a small jazz trio or a larger band playing upbeat dance music? Keith and some of Vancouver's other finest musicians will create a highly entertaining live music show for you.

The Keith Bennett Band has performed at hundreds of functions — from weddings, anniversaries, conventions, cruises, retirement parties, casinos and masquerades to Christmas parties, motorcycle shows, boat shows and tenant appreciation BBQ's.

We've performed in aquariums, on mountaintops, on barges in the harbor, on cruise ships, in office tours, in revolving restaurants, on paddle wheelers, on party boats and in shopping centers.